By Jamie Ihms

“Do you offer daycare?”

We get this question a lot and some may not understand why we don’t. One very big reason is that we value family and we believe that work and family don’t have to be 100% segregated. They are both large parts of our lives and trying to separate them doesn’t always make sense. Have you ever felt like you just don’t have enough time for everything? If your time with work and your time with family overlaps, you suddenly have much more flexibility. However, working from home can come with its own challenges. 

But how does this work, practically? While it’s different for every family, there are a few key tricks that can help make this work. It’s a learned skill, so keep trying and see what works best for you and your family.

       1.Don’t expect miracles from your child

If you come into the office, plop down in a comfy spot, and open your computer, your kid will most likely just try to get your attention. So, offer something to the child. This could be our toys, puzzles, a project, or an activity. We bring in entertainers and teachers occasionally to keep your little ones occupied and offer a little more distance for you, so keep an eye out for those special days. You’re also welcome to bring in a tablet or your own toys if that works best.


  1. Work and Play in spurts

It’s actually more productive to work for 45 minutes, then rest for 15 minutes. This helps your brain recharge, and allows you to have deeper focus when you are working. You could even set a timer for your child and tell them that you need alone time and when the timer goes off, it’s time to play! Setting expectations is huge with kids and this way, your kids don’t have to ask you every five minutes if you’re done. 


  1. Collaborate

Collaboration and community are important both in personal and work life. Let’s integrate them! Bring a friend along and have a work/play date where one of you entertains the kids while the other works and you take turns. 


  1. Have designated play/work space

If your child refuses to leave your side, perch yourself somewhere out of reach. Our barstools in the Family Center allow you to be in sight of your child, while out of reach. Some children just need to see that Mom or Dad is there and if there’s no room on their lap, they’ll find a way to entertain themselves. 


  1. No Guilt!!

Need to distract your kid with screen time or snacks in order to just get a few things done? We get it! The whole point of this setup is to avoid that guilt that creeps in when you feel like you’re not giving your kids enough attention, or when you’re not giving your customers/clients enough attention. We don’t provide screens because we want you to have the choice and not be stuck with it; but you are more than welcome to bring your own screens. Similarly, we keep our snacks and beverages for sale out of the family center so that they’re not too much of a temptation to your little ones, but they’re available for those days when they (or you!) just need a little something. You do what you need to do to make this crazy modern life work and we will support you in any way we can. 


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