Can I rent a meeting room, photo studio or recording studio without having a membership?

Of course! Our short term rentals are available by the hour or by the day and come with no obligation to sign an agreement.

Can I bring in guests?

Please do! Your clients, leads, investors, or employees are welcome to accompany you at the H. Co and will be greeted by our community manager with a smile. Please list your guest on the member portal so our community manager is prepared to escort or direct them to the correct meeting space. Guests have complimentary admittance when meeting a member; however if you guest begins to look familiar, we may ask you to encourage them to enjoy their own membership.

Can I get food in your space?

You are welcome to bring in your own noshes, order from a food delivery app, or visit one of our neighboring restaurants for meals, and we also offer snacks for sale!

On select days, we provide member discounts and order lunch for you from local restaurants. Ask your concierge for details!

What if I have a team?

We offer private team offices and conference/training rooms for larger groups. The more, the merrier!

What if I'm not a parent?

Our common areas and workspaces are a quiet and professional space to grow your business. The Family Center has its own entrance to keep disruptions at a minimum and has been given special treatment to keep sound from traveling. 

You can still benefit from one of our other memberships or reserve meeting rooms and creative studios! We welcome business people from all walks of life!


Our Family Center is designed to be a Family Coworking space. This means you are responsible for keeping your child within eyesight. While we will have occasional helpers and teachers in the Family Center to keep little ones more occupied and give you better focus time, we still encourage you to stay in the room with your children. 

Because we understand how difficult it can be to work in close proximity with our children, we have included a number of rotating toys and activities so little ones don’t get bored when they come in regularly, and we have built in a privacy room for changing and nursing* infants, as well as a phone booth with a window so you can take a phone call in peace without leaving your child unattended. 

*if this is your preference. We do not discourage mothers from nursing wherever they are most comfortable. We simply want to offer options, which include a private room with a soft chair to reduce distractions and maximize your comfort.


We welcome families of all ages and sizes! Infants 3 months old or younger are free and children 3 months to 18 years can be part of your Family Coworking Membership. Once your child turns 18, consider providing them with their own membership or purchase a day pass for as needed office time.